WElcome to OUR Family

Little Gay Brother was born in the mud pits of The Secret Garden Party in 2012, with the express purpose of creating a sexy and safe space for LGBTQ+ revellers to party without prejudice. We curate festival venues for the LGBTQ+ community, create elaborate main stage shows with DJs and dancers, run bi-monthly raves across London - and we do all this in heels!

Little Gay Brother is a QUEER sensory overload - expect treadmills, dance shows, incredible lewks, massive DJs, and pure unfiltered joy. We're a party collective like no other! Our parties are not just for the LGBTQ+ community, but all our allies. It’s inclusive, not exclusive. At Little Gay Brother we firmly believe that everyone has the right to rave without inhibition, unified by their love of music.

It’s a QUEER RAVE for EVERYONE! Our nights are open to anyone, as long as you’re open to everyone.

Love everyone’s differences.

Join our fam.

Get into it!

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